Interested in Joining a Committee?

Architectural Control Committee
Responsibilities include regulating the external design appearance, use and maintenance of neighborhood homes, and interpreting the governing documents. The ACC is to reflect a balance between individual rights and the good of the entire association. This committee does not hold monthly meetings. They communicate through email and phone on an as-needed basis.

Communications Committee
Responsibilities include keeping the community informed of all activities and functions; gathers articles for HOA newsletter and aids in community signage.

Decorations Committee
The decorations committee keeps Mistletoe Hill looking festive for the patriotic holidays as well as Christmas. Being a part of the decorations committee means you get to weigh in on the options chosen each year and that you are available to lend a helping hand when its time to put up and take down. Neighbors love driving through the community and boasting with pride at the festiveness of the decorations thanks to the volunteers of the Decorations Committee!

Pool Committee
This committee’s function is to oversee our largest amenity by helping to keep the pool area safe, clean and free of vandalism.  They implement suggestions from homeowners associated with the pool, pool rules & regulations, and pool parking lot.

Landscape Committee
Plants and maintains community garden, contributing ideas for the long and short‐term landscape improvements, monitoring the conditions of the landscape; conducts 'yard of the month' and seasonal holiday decoration contests.

Safety Committee
Responsibilities include working with the local law enforcement agency to organize and establish a neighborhood crime watch and inform the neighborhood of any criminal activity or prevention and safety concerns. Meetings are usually held the 1st Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm at the Clubhouse.

Social Committee
Responsibilities include fostering a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.